Pounds of Total Plastic Volume Removed from the Environment Since 1994

Savings calculated by Paragon's reduction in average gauge compared to the average in 1994


Equivalent Saved in Plastic Straws


Equivalent Saved in Plastic Bags


Equivalent Saved in Plastic Bottles

Our Green Initiative

We take pride in knowing that Paragon has been operating below today's industry average for over a decade. Continued innovation and reduction in the plastic thickness of our films makes a real difference, which is why we are committed to a "lifecycle" approach to engineering stretch film. From design and formulation to end user application and film disposal, we focus on sustainability each step of the way. The result? A better product, less waste, and greater cost and carbon footprint savings. We believe the tagline for our Titus™ handfilm says it best: Thinner. Stronger. Greener. It's the purpose that drives our practice and we're excited to see the results in the years to come.